About Silver Fawn Club

Since its inception in 1969, and its inauguration in 1970, the Silver Fawn Club has developed from a few expatriate Sri Lankan people getting together for parties and dances, into a fully-fledged incorporated body with a proud history of social and sports events mainly for the Sri Lankans but open to anyone interested in being part of this special community.

The membership now comprises people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life. Many of the members have been with the Club since its formation and because of their loyalty and efforts, have seen it master the art of organising all sorts of enjoyable events.

The Silver Fawn Club is best described as a family club (with emphasis on ‘family participation’), fostering all social and sporting activities, and catering for members of all ages, creed or races and people of all walks of life.

Our calendar reveals a list of events which may be enjoyed by every category of member. Our popular dinner dances are held each season, with New Year’s Eve being the most formal and traditional in style. Our Mid-Year Dinner Dance gives everyone the chance to dress up for the cooler weather and our Spring and Autumn dances usually have a theme.

Throughout the year our daytime Have-a-Chat parties are always well attended while the Christmas Season features our Golden Years Party for the senior members and Carols by Candlelight Christmas show which is a delight to both young and old alike.

Families love the get-away-from-it-all style of our Weekend Camp held every year with heaps of fun, food and sport. The annual Cricket Match and Food Fair provide plenty of excitement and all the favourite home-cooked Sri Lankan dishes.

All of these are our regular events, but we often add to these by putting on a special occasion function when the need arises.

To consistently provide such a variety of events takes a lot of organising, planning and determination. We are fortunate to have had many dedicated Committee members and members over the years, all of whom have contributed their talents and expertise into building up the reputation of the Club as one with a highly professional flair for organisation and for having a good time.